Lewis’s Woodpecker Project

Since the 1960’s, LEWO numbers have declined by at least 60% due to loss of habitat, i.e. snags used for natural nesting cavities.  Goal of this project is to study whether or not LEWIS’S WOODPECKERS will use nest boxes in areas where natural cavities are in short supply or are absent due to loss of habitat.

Currently, there are three study areas located around Bend.  One is S.E. of Bend, in the old Skeleton Burn area.  Another is located in the old Awbrey Hall Fire area near the Entrada Lodge off of Century Drive.  The third study area is located in Shevlin Commons.  LEWO’s have nested in these three areas for many years, but the rich supply of snags in the old burns is dwindling with time.   In these three areas are placed a total of 27 nest boxes.

This project has been sponsored by Shevlin Commons during the 2005 season.

Update from Diane Kook – Live from the field……

Out at the ECBC LEWO nest box project off of Century Drive by the Entrada Lodge, (Des. Co.)  I saw many young LEWO’s out of the nest boxes today!  Some were being fed by parents, others were in the areas of their nest boxes and fly-catching from the tops of Pine trees, or closer to the ground on their own!!  Even being successful at it!  What an amazing sight it is to see this happening!!  Some of the youngsters are being taught how to fly-catch by their parents, and are spending a great deal of time following them around as they fly from perch to perch.  Other young still in the nest boxes are being fed by their parents, but I’m sure will be out on their own soon as well!  So much activity out there right now!  If you would like to see this.  The directions to this site are below.

An update,  Originally 18 nest boxes had LEWO’s in them this year out of the 25 we have in place.  16 of those raised young!  Over the past couple of days I have seen adult LEWO’s in 2 additional boxes that were not used previously!  One today was sitting on top of the nest box, drumming and calling and going in and out of the box.  HMMM!

In a subdivision close to this burn site, a Kestrel box was put up years ago, and normally has Kestrels raising young.  Not this year!  LEWO’s used this box too!!

What a great successful year.  I hope you get a chance to see this spectacle before these birds leave!  It is quite fun!

From Bend, take Century Drive towards Mt. Bachelor.  The Entrada Lodge is on the left hand side of the road.  From the sign of the Entrada Lodge, clock 0.6 mile and turn left onto a dirt road.  The road “T’s” after a very short distance and turn left again.  Drive another short distance to the “Y” and park.   The LEWO’s are in this area of forest.

7-8 volunteers needed to observe and document activity at nest box locations, once per week from the beginning of May-July.  Cleaning out nest boxes of Starling nests.  Ladder required.  If a volunteer prefers not to climb up a ladder, call the project coordinator and this will be taken care of.  Other work includes building of nest boxes, end of project report.

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